A Modern Midwife

Hey, I’m Heather (also known to some as A Modern Midwife). I like to provide useful information to women about pregnancy and women’s health (you know…the kind of stuff you forget to ask at your annual exam).

Our bodies are pretty amazing (and a little confusing…), and what works for you, may not work for the girl next door. I enjoy educating women how to take charge of their body and their health through alternative therapies AND traditional medicine.

I’m a wife to one, and a mom to two teens. I love a good plant-based recipe, and I exercise to eat. Days I’m not catching babies are best spent sipping good coffee in the morning, and wearing yoga pants and a messy bun. My happy place is the beach, and still get excited every time I get to use my suitcase.

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Selecting a Prenatal Vitamin

One of the first things someone thinks about when they find out they are pregnant is starting a prenatal vitamin… But did you know you should start taking a prenatal vitamin at least a month before you start trying to get pregnant? If you have no dietary or health...

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Test Post 4

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Test Post 3

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Magnesium For Mood and Sleep

A shocking 2/3 of women in the Western world are magnesium deficient in their diet. And as we age, we become even more likely to show symptoms of low magnesium. Magnesium deficiency can make it difficult to relax, as it can alter the body’s stress-response system,...

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OB Visit Confessions…Awkward Moments in Pregnancy

Ok, so the picture is a little bit of a clickbait....As a certified nurse midwife, I get asked questions by women certain they are no longer in control of their pregnant body, and something MUST be wrong. Certainly one of your mommy girlfriends would have mentioned...

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