A common superstition is that if a bride walks under a red umbrella on her wedding day, it is going to ensure virility in her future home. This is why it is a bridesmaid’s task to hold 1 for her!

In many Asian cultures, a hair combing ceremony is conducted on the event of the wedding party. The bride’s mother or a person of honor via her expanded family performs this representational ritual, that involves combing the bride’s frizzy hair and bestowing wishes for that happy relationship, good fortune, children and grandchildren.

On her behalf wedding day, a Chinese new bride serves tea to her new husband’s family members and kneels in front of them. This reveals respect and gratitude on her behalf parents-in-law and demonstrates her approval into the groom’s family. She is going to also be provided a title which echos her husband’s https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/driving-safety.html situation in the family unit.


This really is followed by a procession for the bride’s house, led by groom with his entourage. This is combined with gongs, firecrackers and music. Many thai brides for sale couples also have lion dancers lead the way which can be believed to defend against evil spirits. Guests are expected to give the bride and groom gifts involving in red envelopes which is believed to carry good luck. The bride might also return to her parent’s residence two days subsequently for another practice known as Guo Men wherever she is officially introduced to her new members of your family and granted more gifts. The couple will then serve tea to her new in-laws and again kneel in front of them.