From ideation to launch, we follow a holistic approach to full-cycle product development. We are technology neutral and strongly believe that each technology has its own pros and cons. It depends on the skills of the developers rather than the technology itself. So accessible and open that you’ll feel we are an extended part of your team.

Regardless of which option you choose, always ensure that your provider is as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing, so you can better gauge any costs involved. At SkedGo, we publish our pricing on our website, to make it easier for you. Once you’ve agreed to the terms with your provider and paid the license fees, you can adjust the platform with your own design, and colors to match your brand.


These two options determine your marketing and business structure and your white-label product’s architecture, functionality, and cost. Wix’s database features over 800 templates for all kinds of businesses that users can further customize to their needs. It features a drag-and-drop interface that’s easy to grasp even if you’re a non-technical person. AppInstitute offers endless templates for all kinds of businesses, from coffee shops and hotels to fitness centers and restaurants.

Software development from scratch vs White label solution

A supply-side platform is an automated ad tech platform that publishers use to manage, sell, and optimize ad inventory of their mobile apps or websites. Publishers use SSPs to sell their online ad placements via real-time bidding auction rather than negotiating prices directly with advertisers. Ad tech providers develop products with unique features other entities are willing to purchase and own. They then make these software available for ownership by other industry players at a price. Among others, you can try Yelo to create your marketplace and use its features plus functions for building advanced, user-friendly, and top-notch service. Moreover, Yelo gives you the option to choose from a variety of different themes and customize your platform as required.

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You’ll want to give the product a test run to see if it’s worth using and putting, not only your branding on it, but also offering it to your customers. White-labeling appears to be a fail-proof strategy to enter the app market. And it is, but with the wrong product development approach, there’s a big risk of quickly losing your white-label partners.

Software development from scratch vs White label solution

If you have the resources you need and your ideas are completely different from others, then developing the software is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you have a tight timeline and high technical complexity, buying a pre-built solution is the most effective way. Building your software product makes it easier for you cryptocurrency exchange software development to support and maintain as time goes on. When you don’t have the bandwidth to support yourself, you can reach out to a custom software product development company to help you out. Many businesses use white label marketing automation software to automate their marketing tasks such as email campaigns and social media management.

Why do businesses choose white label solutions?

You can also check White-label Business Opportunity Ideas for Entrepreneurs. Businesses across industries have found using white label software useful and valuable. Agree with the service provider to test the solution before launching to make sure it corresponds to all requirements and performs with no issues. Before opting for a service, you need to make sure that the services provider can fulfill all the functions and fully understands the needs of your business. The platform is designed to buy the freshest fruits and vegetables in three simple steps.

  • Ultimately, the app design and user interface fail to distinguish your brand from other brands in the industry.
  • If your app becomes popular, a white-label software might not be a cost-effective solution.
  • Our agile development process guarantees that our deliverables are reliable, secure, and scalable and adhere to your clients’ unique requirements.
  • Like food delivery apps, taxi ordering and ridesharing solutions also come with a standard set of features, allowing for choosing a car, date, and cost, leaving reviews, and earning bonuses.
  • We also investigate how they differ from tailor-made apps and answer the question of when it’s worth investing in custom software development solutions instead.

And this is the key to setting your white-label apps apart from the competition – just add some novelty and enhance the security to make your app sell better. Depending on what the white-labeling business can offer, you may end up having to settle for a compromise if the features and functionality you want is not available. Easy and speedy setup — White label softwares are generally fully integrated and ready to use. Just add your own branding and identity, and your business is up and running. Use a white label– Research for already existing products in the market. Build one in-house from scratch– Hire designers, developers and content creators, create your platform with your own exact specification.

Pros & Cons of Software White-Labeling

Let’s say you have built a white-label Android app for food delivery. You get full ownership of the software hence you can personalize the interface and modify functions as you see fit. It also means less costs as you won’t be charged third-party fees on every transaction. To make the right choice, let’s weigh the benefits and disadvantages this option provides. The term ‘white label’ has its origin in the music industry especially with the vinyl records.

Make sure to use these key points before moving further for using these kinds of products. Make sure the company provides any kind of assistance required in such matters. This is very important for the consumer relations of your business as a delay in problem-solving is annoying for customers. Make sure the service provider has an experience of what they are doing, They must be able to resolve any issues regarding their product.

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To make an informed decision that is best for the company, you should learn when to build and when not to build. As for Canvas, we’ve fully rebuilt navigation patterns so that they are more user-friendly. Currenlty, our team supports this project by fixing all emerging bugs. The Stormotion team is a Tech Partner of MobiLoud – a white-label app provider.

What are the challenges of white label web and software development?

Even if you hire an app development company, they will transfer the IP rights over to you so you can confirm the server’s safety. On the other hand, in the case of custom app development, you can design the entire app interface to match your existing brand tonality. If you are a business that has a quirky brand image, you can incorporate the same in your custom app. It’s true that a white label app allows you to add your own brand identity elements to the user interface. But then all the businesses that buy this app also have the same kind of placements of their brand elements.